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Chain Mooring Systems

Our chain moorings are built to last.

  • We always use more than ⅜" chain & we don't mix dissimilar metals.

  • We use larger tackle than the chain, so the working load limit (WLL) matches the chain & the mooring has no weak points.

  • We make sure the swivel is always suspended so that the light chain doesn't contact the lake bottom, this extends rode life.

  • We use Polyform mooring buoys which are half the price & last twice as long than the common Taylor mooring buoys.

  • Our custom pendants have chafe guard.


Hazelett Mooring Systems

What's so great about them?

  • Elastic rode stretches by up to 3 feet to protect your boat!

  • No chain — synthetic Uniline™ is tougher & doesn't corrode.

  • Spar buoy is left out in the lake year-round, even in thick ice.

  • No risk of wrapping on the mooring block or catching on the bottom.

  • Shorter length keeps your boat pointed into the wind & prevents swing.

  • Far less wear / longer life compared to a chain rode.


Managing Mooring Fields

What lies beneath? It can be complex and Hero Divers can help.

  • We will work with you to optimize your marina space.

  • Detailed GPS mapping and organization.

  • Capable, conscientious attention to the details.

  • Planning and creation of a safe and up to date marina layout.

  • Video inspections so you can see for yourself what's going on down there!


Underwater Salvage & Towing

We are here when you need us most!

  • Experienced salvage of boats and equipment

  • Tools of the trade: We are well equipped to perform salvage operations

  • Last year we pulled sunken boats from the depths and off the shores with our usual attention to detail and safety.


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